Key Ingredient

Corn omlette

  • Bakers Jelly Mi
  • 1 ltr Water
Directions to Prepare
  • 3 cup boiled corn kernels, 1 cup Chozen cornflour, ½ cup yoghurt, ½ cup Ketchup, 4 slices bread, Salt to taste, 1 teaspoon pepper powder, 2 tablespoons oil
Directions for Preparation
  • Blend boiled corn to a paste. Transfer to a bowl.
  • Add Chozen cornflour, yoghurt and Ketchup to make a batter.
  • Cover and set aside for at least 30 minutes.
  • Moisten the bread slices well and add to the corn mixture with salt and pepper powder. Mash the mixture to make a smooth batter. Add a little water if necessary.
  • Heat a non-stick tawa and spread a ladleful of batter to make a thin pancake or omelette.
  • Drizzle oil around the edges. Cook the omelette on both sides.